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Laptop Bags

Laptop bags provide a safe and convenient way to transport a computer to school, work or on an extended trip. Not only do they shield expensive equipment from inclement weather conditions, but they also provide a padded cushion against abrasion during rough journeys. Although there are various sizes and styles, most have an adjustable shoulder strap and clutch handles. Some other models provide wheels and a retractable handle, for extra heavy loads or long walks through an airport terminal.

Leather, suede, canvas and nylon are the most common materials used due to their durability and facade. Business people tend to stick with neutral shades of black, brown and gray, while students may select more creative models. Laptop bags also allow the user keep track of additional accessories, such as a wireless mouse, headset, disks, charger and extra battery, thanks to multiple interior and exterior compartments. Divided sections keep reference materials, like files and notepads, in order and within easy reach.

1,302 Items
Brics Life Pelle New 4 Wheels Pilote

Our Price: $1,175.00

Rimowa Topas Titanium Business Trolley

Our Price: $1,090.00

Rimowa Topas Aluminum 21" Pilot Multiwheel

Our Price: $1,010.00

Rimowa Topas Aluminum 19" Pilot Multiwheel

Our Price: $980.00

Tumi Arrive Tumi T-Pass Leather Kennedy Deluxe Brief

Our Price: $975.00

Rimowa Topas Aluminum 21" Pilot Trolley

Our Price: $910.00

Tumi Astor Canvas Beresford Large Flap Brief

Our Price: $895.00

Tumi Arrive LaGuardia Wheeled Brief with Laptop Insert

Our Price: $895.00

Rimowa Topas Aluminum 19" Pilot Trolley

Our Price: $880.00

Tumi Arrive Narita Leather Slim Brief

Our Price: $875.00

Hartmann Aged Belting Leather Expandable Mobile Traveler Office

Our Price: $850.00

Mulholland All Leather Rancher's Brief

Our Price: $840.00

Rimowa Limbo Business Trolley

Our Price: $810.00

Tumi Astor Ansonia Zip Top Leather Brief

Our Price: $795.00

Tumi Alpha Business Deluxe Wheeled Brief with Laptop Case

Our Price: $795.00

Tumi Astor Canvas Ansonia Zip Top Brief

Our Price: $795.00

Hartmann Wings Belting Vertical Mobile Office

Our Price: $795.00

Tumi Astor Beresford Large Flap Brief

Our Price: $795.00

Tumi Arrive T-Pass Kennedy Deluxe Brief

Our Price: $775.00

Korchmar Adventure Overnighter Wheeled Computer Brief

Our Price: $763.00

Claire Chase Traveler's Laptop Briefcase

Our Price: $699.00

Tumi Alpha 2 International Wheeled Office Carry-On

Our Price: $695.00

Tumi Arrive Kingsford Leather Backpack

Our Price: $695.00

Tumi Beacon Hill Smith Leather Jetsetter

Our Price: $695.00

Customer Testimonials

Over the last 6 months, I have spent about $300 at Luggage Pros. My first order was for a Laptop Suitcase for my 17" Laptop. The case was all Leather, on wheels. I absolutely loved it from the day it arrived. Shortly thereafter I ordered a second Suitcase, also on wheels but smaller than the first. I liked this as well although it was not all leather. Then, because I think so much about Luggage Pros, I ordered a Leather Carryall Bag. Again I was more than pleased. Finally, a few weeks ago I bought a Travel bag for toiletries.

Honestly you are the nicest people I have ever purchased from. Please continue to keep me informed of any new incentives that might become available and I will do all that I can to continue doing business with you.

You folks are the greatest !!!

Best Regards,


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