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Name: Corey

Hometown: Plymouth, MN

Background: B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota - Duluth. Been at Luggage Pros since March 2005.

Favorite Luggage Pros Product: While I'm a sucker for the Travelpro Platinum series of products, the Travelon TSA approved carry-on liquid(s) container is probably one of the most essential items up right now. Takes the guess work out of meeting TSA guidelines.

Most memorable vacation: Studying abroad for 6 months in Sweden. While it was technically school it was more of a 6 month European adventure (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Canary Islands).

Dream vacation: I would love to go back to Europe, go to the nearest train depot, and just pick my destinations from the departure board.

Odd quirk about you: I have no quirks (and am a MUCH better poker player than Nick).

Helpful Travel Tip: Expect problems. Allow room for variation and error. The more intricately and tightly a trip is planned the bigger chance an issue (whether it be weather related, missing reservations, train strikes / stoppage, etc..) will derail your trip. If every connection, visit, stop, and destination is down to the minute, an hour delay will have serious consequences. Give your trip some breathing room to allow for these unexpected problems and don't get bent out of shape if (more like when) they happen! Some of the trip moments I reminisce with my friends the most are ones that were completely unplanned (like sleeping in the Venice train station for a night when the country's rail system went on a general strike for a day).
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