Spring Break Luggage and Travel Accessories

"Spring” and “Break." Two words that individually bring a smile to anyone’s face, but when put together send a generation of stressed out college students into a frenzy. Ah yes, I remember those days well; lying on the beach with my friends in Acapulco, staying up all night drinking . . . lemonade, while . . . talking respectfully with some girls we met at a . . . quilting class. Hi Mom. While describing your spring break activities will vary, depending on who you’re talking to, you want to make sure your luggage and travel accessories are consistent with your needs. Now, I know I’m a couple years removed from spring break, so I have enlisted the help of our Merchandising Manager, Tera, to provide a list of products perfect for today’s spring breaker.

Roxy Luggage Jet Set 26″ Wheeled Upright

If you are looking to get noticed, this is for you. Roxy creates some of the most unique, fashionable luggage on the market, and with this piece, you will not have a problem finding your luggage on the airport turnstile.

Titan X2 Flash 19″ International Carry-On

This small, durable carry-on is offered in a number of bold colors, and maneuvers beautifully in crowded areas.

Burton Travel Bags Wheelie Double Deck

Here’s a great bag for the guys. This bag just plain gets the job done so you can get to your destination and start the festivities. It has tons of room, and even has a detachable laundry bag in case you want to bring your Mom back the perfect gift (not recommended).

Timbuk2 Ballistic Checkpoint L 25″ Wheeled Bag

This is another very stylish, durable bag that provides ample opportunity for organization. Plus, it has interchangeable skateboard wheels. Really.

Heys USA XCASE 20″ Carry-On

This extremely light weight carry-on is offered in a variety of colors, and has a very friendly college student price point; allowing more funds to be used on other important items on your trip, like cold beverages.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a trip enjoyable, like bathing suits, and when you’re on spring break, having the right travel accessories is critical. Here are a few that you probably don’t want to leave home without.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Products

Eagle Creek makes a ton of packing organizers in numerous sizes to help even the most unorganized packer. That would be me. I encourage you to check out their line to find exactly what you need. Trust me, our customers swear by these products.

Travelon TSA Approved 1-Quart Zip-Top Bag With Plastic Bottles

You definitely don’t want to get in trouble with the TSA, so if you want to carry-on liquids, this is the perfect product.

Victorinox Lifestyle Accessories 2.0 Boarding Pouch

The one thing you don’t want to mess around with when you’re on spring break is losing your personal information. This holder will help keep your information organized and together. Obviously, when you’re in another country you are always going to want to have your passport handy, but even if you’re close to the border, it’s not a bad idea to keep your passport with you in case things get out of hand and you end up in another country.

Lewis N. Clark Water Seals Medium Multipurpose Pouch

This item is definitely worth it if you’re going to be on the beach, which I hope you are if you’re going on spring break. Water, sand, and electronics don’t mix well, and taking this small extra precaution could save you considerable frustration and money.

Pacsafe TravelSafe Secure Portable Safe

When I was on spring break, my camera was stolen out of my hotel room. That was bad enough, but this was back in the film days, and my Mom had used my camera for my brother’s 10th birthday. That film was still in the camera. So now, we have no actual photo proof that my brother turned 10 years old, although I’m pretty sure it still happened. This loss, however, is still periodically brought up to make me feel guilty. Again, sorry Mom . . . geez. If you take nothing else away from this blog, please do yourself a favor and buy this and use it. Think of my poor 27 . . . or 26 year old brother.

Finally, I’m going to risk sounding old and say that spring break, while incredibly fun, can also be dangerous. When I was younger, my Mom used to tell me that I thought I was “invincible” and that nothing bad could happen to me. At first, I thought she said “invisible,” and I was really happy, but that’s another story. Anyway, looking back, she was right, and I was lucky. Sometimes bad things do happen, and while I’m not going to go into spring break safety tips, I am going to provide this link to some great tips put together by Dr. Daniel Y.C. Fung, of Kansas State University. It is well worth your time to read through them before you leave.

From all of us at Luggage Pros, have a relaxing, fun, and safe spring break!

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